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Mini Canal™ Series
 It’s so small. It’s Outta Sight! In response to growing interest in electronic hearing protection, E.A.R., Inc. developed this line of small, discreet earplugs that fit comfortably into the ear with the use of various sized patent wax- guard tips. This product offers the consumer the benefit of electronic amplification/protection at a non-custom fit price. It also allows the user to share these units with another person by simply replacing the wax-guard tips. This feature helps law enforcement, instructors, military personnel and shooting enthusiasts assign these units to other people without issues of fitting. Regardless of either design, the unit permits each client to position a high quality electronic hearing protection device into the ear where it is not conspicuous, nor in the way of glasses, outer headwear, or long hair. This design is the preferred choice over behind the ear models which can be more difficult to use in active sports or professional activities. We offer 2 models to meet your needs
Unit                              Channels         Battery Life                 Color MiniCanal™ Analog           2         170-210 hours           Red/Blue MiniCanal™ Digital           2         140-170 hours         Hunter Tan
*Both MiniCanal™ Analog and MiniCanal™ Digital use size 10 batteries. More information on the MiniCanal™ Series. The MiniCanal™ Series comes with a one-year unconditional warranty against defects in materials or workmanship, and a 30-day privilege to return after date of purchase for a full refund or upgrade to a custom unit.
Mini Canal™ Tips